weekend gardening update

It was a busy hot summery weekend. I was out on the balcony pruning the tomato plants and general plant maintenance. I discovered aphids on some of the plants and went to squishing them followed up with spraying the plants with “natural” insecticide soap. 
We’re getting tomatoes! I am finding clusters of them here and there with more to come. It means time to lay down some more fertilizer so they can form big juicy healthy tomatoes come harvest time. It also means the plants will be very thirsty. 

We enjoyed our salad from the second sowing. I left some to continue to grow. The first box of salad was consumed with selected lettuces left to continue to grow. 

We also reaped some sweet and flavorful strawberries. TH enjoyed them immensely. He says this is how strawberries should taste. And it’s true, they don’t taste anything like the ones bought in supermarkets. 

One of the ground cherry plants is already producing fruit! It’s a wonderful sight. Now if only they can explode with fruit production…


pleased to see sweet bell peppers hanging around

The bought pepper plants are producing fruit. One plant has a pair growing. Another has one growing. One of the seed started pepper plants has a pepper growing, the complicated my named Hungarian pepper, Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes Pepper. 

Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes Pepper


and i wanted to share this purple pepper blossom – i just love its color

The gladiolus are blooming every week, bringing us beautiful color in an otherwise green balcony garden. TH is especially pleased to see the colorful blooms. He didn’t understand what he was watering – he knows now and appreciates watering them… One stalk has faded but produced seed pods so I will be collecting them and attempt to plant them. 

seed pods from one of the gladiolus


on the subject of flowers, the marigolds have finally blossomed

 Speaking of seeds, a few of the chive blossoms have gone to seed as will the cilantro. Some of the cilantro have begun to flower. I’ve never collected seeds and so this will be an interesting next step for me as a gardener. 

cilantro flowers, a sign they are about to set seeds.


chive blossom with seeds pods

The weekend gardening ended with topping off the fruit baring and producing plants with a blend of potting mix, compost and fertilizer. 
Happy gardening!


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