july 4th update

The holiday weekend has come to an end and I return to a full work week – c’est la vie, as they say. I had a relatively nice weekend. I spent some of it in the garden – mostly maintenance and taking photos. The tomato plants were pruned of over grown leaves and I did my best to clip off any sucker growth. If you don’t know what I mean by sucker, click here, or do your own internet search – you will find an abundance of information and opinions.

A few tomato plants are developing tomatoes, namely the Spear’s Tennessee green tomato and German Red Strawberry.


future riesentraube tomatoes.


a future tomato…hopefully.


spears’ tennesse green tomatoes under development.


red german strawberry tomatoes currentlyunder development.

Speaking of strawberries, our strawberry plants are developing their own fruit!

The butterfly gladiolus are blooming pretty flowers. I see why they are called butterfly gladiolus.

red with white trim butterfly gladiolus.

And I just could not resist taking a few more photos of the chive blossoms. I love their color.

chive flowers

Lastly but never least, my comfrey continues to flower. They’re like a curtain of bells. I think this year is the best year it has grown, four stems of an abundance of flowers.

flowers from the comfrey plant



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