rainy Saturday

It was another good weekend to work in the garden. Saturday afternoon was rainy and unseasonably cool – almost chilly.


tomato blossoms.


the tiny tim tomatoes are producing fruit!


lots of tomato blossoms.

The tomato plants were staked and supported. I also took the opportunity to prune them and reorganize the balcony so the plants can get maximum light and create an aisle to walk the length of the balcony. I decided to prune the leaves back so they did not grow beyond the diameter of the pots. Doing my best to manage these potentially unwieldy plants. Many of the plants are already producing tomatoes – a happy sign of good gardening.

Some of the Thai basils started to develop flowers so they needed to be cut back.

One of the gladiolus blossomed a pretty pink flower. I see a couple of stem with flower buds appear. It’s only a matter time before it also blooms. I’m curious as to what color it will be. [update: it turned out to be red with the edge of the petals in white.]

one of the gladiolus finally bloomed.


gladiolus: really pleased with this color.

what will blossom from these buds?


TH shared a photo of the next gladiolus to bloom.

The salad greens are coming along nicely. The cool weather that we had this weekend certainly help to perk things up for them. We did feast on the tray of greens. That tray was getting out of control. The one in the photo is the second tray.

these should be ready to eat soon.

The chives are producing bubs with. A few that have already blossomed. I love the sight of their cluster of lavender colored flowers. It’s a sign of summer.

just chives and their head of flowers.



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