gardening when it rains

I must say that I love gardening when it rains – it’s not so hot and there’s a nice breeze with the occasional wind blowing the rain my way, which I find refreshing. I was surprised by how much it rained this afternoon. It wasn’t in the forecast when I checked earlier but a welcome. 

Many of the tomatoes have gotten bigger and bushier. I transplanted a few into slightly bigger pots just to hold them over until I get them into their final larger pots. They’re growing vigorously and I think we will be transplanting them sooner than we’re ready…


(right half) irises and a daylily. (left half) a mix of tomato plants. (far left) you can see the huge leaves of the comfrey plant.


see caption above for info.

The pepper plants still isn’t growing at the same rate but I hope they catch up when the summer really kicks in. The green pepper plant that we got has blossoms and so it will only be a matter of time before we start to see fruit developing. On a similar note, we purchased two additional sweet pepper plants, one orange and the other yellow. TH enjoys sweet peppers. 

our new addition to the balcony, Mandevilla.


how can you resist this gorgeous red flower?

 We also brought home another plant, a flowering vine called Mandevilla. I first saw these in front of a retail shop, which featured deep red flowers. I found it so alluring, and have wanted this plant ever since. Here is a great blog post on how to care for this gorgeous flowering vine from NYBG

The comfrey plant is forming a head of flower buds. So far, I only see one stem with flower buds. I usually get 4 stems over the growing period. The pinkish flowers of the comfrey plant is always a lovely sight. At some point, I should dig it up and see if I can divide them so I can have more than one plant. 

No stems forming yet on the gladiolus but they are certainly soaking up the sun and getting taller. I really like their blade like leaves.  

blade like leaves of the gladiolus is nice contrast to the tomato plants.


TH enjoyed having fresh salad last growing season so I’ve sowed seeds of salad greens last weekend. They’ve already sprouted in less than a week. We’ll probably see true leaves next weekend.  

salad green seedlings


Any new developments in your garden recently? Please share them in the comments. 

Happy gardening. 😊🌱


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