rhapsody garden: update 17 May 2015

Most of the plants seem to be doing well after the transplant. We did have a couple of casualties but that is expected. We still have lots of plants and I doubt we will be able to grow them all so I may be giving them away. Surprisingly, the seedlings that were thinned out and meant to become mulch for the comfrey are thriving. I am leaving them alone and will see what happens.  

 Some of the tomato plants have gotten thicker at the stem and bushier leaves – a good sign that the plants have taken to the amendments/plant food we’ve added. I also think that the recent warmth in the air encouraged them to grow. The pepper plants are not growing at the same rate as the tomatoes and that may be due to the lack of direct sun exposure. Our balcony faces west.

We picked up a free sweet green pepper plant at an earth day festival and that plant is showing buds. At least we will reap the rewards from this plant even though it’s not one I started from seed.

The green blades of gladiolus are a happy sight. I just hope they will produce flowers and attract butterflies especially when we’re as high up as we are.
 And we’ve added two lavender plants to the balcony. They were on sale and I do love the smell of lavender in the garden. Unfortunately they don’t survive our winters. I can try to bring them indoors but these plants really prefer to be outside.

Some of the herbs that I started from seed were a success – a variety of basils and cilantro. Thyme was a mix bag though they are growing. I planted a variety of of thyme seeds – French, english, and crawling. Some are doing better than others. Yarrow have sprouted and are doing well. I’m curious to see how they will grow. Right now they’re a bit of tangled mess. This is the first time I’m growing yarrow. They’re supposed to attract pollinators. Of the brocade marigold seeds I sowed, only two promising seedlings have sprouted – better than none.

cilatro started from seeds

yarrow started from seeds 

basil started from seeds

brocade marigold

How are you doing with your balcony garden?
Happy gardening.


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