We planted garlic cloves last autumn in an attempt to grow our own garlic. The garlic head was purchased at the farmers’ market from a vendor whose garlic I’ve enjoyed cooking with. They seemed to be doing well but I’m not sure if they survived the winter. They had sprouted green shoots before winter but I’m not sure if they survived. We also didn’t water them as much over the winter. I should’ve done a better job protecting them from the winter winds. I don’t know what we will yield if any but it will make for an interesting experiment for us. 

I also replanted whatever bulbs survived in the fall. I’m not sure what I have so maybe I will have a nice surprise when or if they blossom. 
With the spring warmth, the containers with irises and a daylily were dug up, replanted with fertilizers. This has been the coldest winter we’ve had in a long time and the leaves from the irises look terrible. I’m hoping with the replanting and adding some compost and organic fertilizer will help them bounce back with vigor. 
I’ve also covered the soil with burlap because I was tired of the winds blowing the soil away. The open weave of the burlap makes for perfect use as a fabric mulch, allowing water to get through to the soil, breathable, and keeps the soil from blowing away and eroding from watering. 
close up of iris
Keeping my fingers crossed. Happy gardening🌱.

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