grow lights

Our balcony faces west so we don’t get optimal sunlight. When we started seeds indoors, the seedlings would be on the thin side and not as robust as the seedlings you’d find in garden stores or farmers’ markets. Plus, our seedlings would slant towards the window – naturally. We’ve always managed to “straighten” out the seedlings by rotating them. Despite the less than optimal sun lighting quality, we’ve never had any issues with starting seeds and growing them successfully into fruit producing plants but I’ve always considered this problematic.

In an attempt to be a better gardener and give the seedlings a good start, we bought a couple of grow lights. I had looked into grow lights last year but they seemed ridiculously expensive and took up too much space. I eventually learned from watching YouTube videos of other gardeners that I don’t need a fancy grow light set up. I just needed a fixture to screw a grow light bulb to and voila!
We picked up a couple of clamp lamps and grow lights from one of those big box home improvement stores. This was perfect for us as we have limited space and this could be easily stored away after we’ve started our seeds. We went with a 50 watt grow light bulb. Make sure that the fixture you use accommodates the wattage. You don’t want to use a light bulb with a wattage that is greater than what the fixture can accommodate.


The tomato seedlings have since been growing straight as opposed to towards the sunlight. The seedlings are getting a good 12 hours of light. The pepper seeds that I was originally concerned about have sprouted and doing well. The only problem we’ve encountered with having grow lights is the trays dry out quickly. The lamps are directly over the seedlings. TH has been great with spraying them down in the morning and in the evenings when he gets home.
Here’s to a bright gardening future.


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