tomato sprouts

Not even a week has passed and seeds that were started this past Sunday have sprouted🌱🌱🌱! These are future tomatoe plants. I’ve planted the same varieties as last year except this time, I know for sure that I’ve planted all varieties so I expect to get some green tomatoes. 

IMG_0983IMG_0981IMG_0982IMG_0980The traditional seed starting cell trays were ordered but they won’t arrive until next week 😫. In the meantime, to try to help the tray of pepper seeds create a humid environment, TH wrapped the exposed sides with aluminum foil. It helped a little but eventually, I replaced the foil wrap with plastic wrap and swapped its placement between the wall and tomato seedlings. The adjustments made a big difference and we should see pepper seedlings – hopefully. 😅

Happy gardening🌱🌱🌱!



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