seeds started

The first garden order of 2015 arrived as expected. Inside this big box are the propagation kit, trays, cover and media to start the seeds with. Two trays of seeds were started. One tray of tomatoes, the other is a tray of hot and sweet peppers. 

Unfortunately, I ordered the incorrect propagation cell trays. They’re taller than the water tray that the cell trays sit in and so when I put the vented dome over the tray, it’s not creating a sealed environment for the seeds to build up and maintain humidity. Hopefully they will sprout. In the mean time, I will see if I can order the correct cell trays.
The next task we will have to do is prepare the “soil” for transplanting the seedlings when they develop their true leaves. Nutrients need to be added, and hopefully the fertilizers and minerals and foods will help with that. We’ll also need a heavy bag of compost too.
Happy gardening.
tiny tam tomato

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