gearing up for garden 2015

Painted in Waterlogue

It’s practically spring. The seed starting supplies were ordered. I’ve decided to not purchase seeds as I still have plenty to start from years past. We’re probably not going to grow as much this year although I’m not sure what that means. Each year since we’ve started gardening out on the balcony we tell ourselves that we’re not going to grow that much and we end up with a “jungle” (as TH would refer to it when the plants are full and tall) on the balcony.

We’re going to grow the usual garden staples of tomatoes and hot peppers. I wasn’t successful with one of the sweet peppers, a Hungarian one whose name is long and complicated. I will definitely attempt those again. The s into peppers were amazing and produced an abundance of fruit. I will grown many of these plants. They are tasty!
TH really enjoyed having fresh salad greens from the garden so we will be growing them. In my latest supply order, I am expecting a pack of 10 seed starting trays. They will make a wonderful bed for the lettuces.
Although I wasn’t successful with the carrots and radishes, I am going to try again. I think I will try to plant a seed in a single container and see how that fares.
The coldness has returned in the NYC region.



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