tomato season is over

Labor Day weekend harvest

These were picked over Labor Day weekend.

Last tomato harvestAt the end of August we still had tomatoes on the vine and the plants themselves continued to grow and produce more tomatoes despite my efforts to divert their energy to growing the already established tomatoes. It was still hot and so we decided to keep the plants to see if the tomatoes will ripen in this heat. Summer in NYC doesn’t end at the end of August. The heat tends to extends into September – at least, that is what I have been accustomed to growing up in the great city of New York.

After a week, I took picked all the tomatoes and took down all the tomato plants. We’ve got tons of green tomatoes especially of the grape variety. I will most likely pickle them. We enjoyed the pickled tomatoes I made during our first year of gardening. There isn’t much else I can do with them except fried green tomatoes, which I also tried during our first year. It was a good way to use up green tomatoes though it seems that people tend to make these early in the season as opposed to later.

Anyways, if you have any suggestions for green tomatoes, I’d love to hear them.


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