what’s this growing?

I spotted two plants growing amongst the sour Mexican gherkin vines. It was a peculiar sight. I recognized one but the other is foreign to me.

The plant that I recognized is a dandelion. The leaves were a giveaway and not surprised that this grew. I’d find the seeds landing on the plants. This one apparently landed in the soil and grew under my radar.

Dandelion leaves

I eventually chucked it even though it is edible. The idea of eating something I didn’t intentionally grow just does not appeal to my appetite. I’m not big on foraging either but that’s because I’m not educated with the knowledge to know what I can or can’t eat.

The other plants grew pink flowers. Unfortunately, it didn’t get a chance to fully bloom. The removal of the gherkin plants disturbed the roots of this flower. I did try to put it in some water but I don’t think it will survive like other cut flowers. I thought the flowers were pretty and have out an inquiry out to identify what this is.

Pink flowers

I typically removal weeds but decided to leave these alone to develop. I was inspired to do this by Gayla Trail. She has mentioned in her podcast that she lets things grow to she what they turn out to be. Sometimes it may end up being a nice surprise.


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