first of the summer harvest

Behold! The Dragon’s egg ….

Dragon's egg

It’s so pretty! Most the bumps have smoothed out. Only one was grown from the entire plant so this egg is quite precious.

Dragon's egg cucumber

Dragon's egg cucumber

no baby dragon inside, just seeds…

As hard as I wished when I finally split it open, no baby dragon was inside – just seeds. I collected some of the seeds from the Dragon’s Egg to see if I will be successful in starting them. I still have seeds from the packet. It will make for a good experiment.

In addition to the Dragon’s Egg cuke, I also collected a decent amount of Sour Mexican Gherkins. I love that they look like teeny watermelons!

Sour Mexican Gherkins

Sour Mexican Gherkins

After having collected the Dragon’s egg, I was forced to get rid of the plant because it was dotted with a white mold that seems to be susceptible among the creeping vine and yellow blossom plants. I had noticed a plant in the neighborhood that was covered in this mold. The Sour Mexican Gherkin plant was also getting this mold but not as badly as the Dragon’s Egg so I just removed the leaves and sprayed it with an anti-fungal spray. Hopefully that will help.

German red strawberry tomatoes

The German red strawberry tomatoes on the wilted plant were also ready for the picking. There’s still one more tomato but it’s green. At least I’m one tomato closer to getting rid of the wilted tomato plant. The description of these tomatoes are accurate. It doesn’t have much seeds and the cross section matches all the other photos I’ve seen of this heirloom variety.

I made a delicious salad with the garden fresh veggies. And although TH is not a fan of cucumber, he enjoyed it. In fact, he said he appreciated my “toil”. Yes, he used the word “toil” because he is aware of the work I put into the garden so we can have albeit limited fresh produce.

Fresh from the garden

I think the next bounty will be the blue beauty tomatoes. Stay tuned, and happy gardening.


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