tomato wilt

A couple of the tomato plants are suffering from a wilting fungal infection. It’s a fungi in the soil that affects tomato plants. There’s nothing I can do to save the tomato plants. Most people get rid of the wilted plants but mine have tomatoes growing on the affected plants. So I’m just pruning away the wilted leaves and letting these tomatoes ripen on whatever is left of the plant. So far, the wilting is isolated to two containers, and hopefully it remains so.


Now that I know which planters have this wilting fungal infection, I won’t be planting any future tomato plants or nightshade related plants with the infected soil but I’m not going to get rid of it either. Instead, I will plant flowers like marigolds and perhaps in time, the bacteria will be killed off.

Have you experienced this wilting disease when growing tomatoes in containers? What did you do with the soil? What did you do with the affected plant? Share your experience in the comments.


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