flower power

A parcel containing several packets of flower seeds arrived in the mail recently. It may seem a bit late to acquire flower seeds and sow them in the middle of summer but I did some research and selected flowers that will bloom in autumn and maybe into early winter?

I’ve been eyeing zinnias for some time now and I just had to grow some of my own instead of fawning over others. I have read they are easy to grow and that they can be started even in summer for some pretty colors in autumn. That’s encouraging.

Marigolds are just so pretty and have an interesting scent. I have marigolds currently planted as companions with my tomato plants. The marigolds were bought at the Farmers’ Market. I’ve read they are easy to grow from seeds so I figured why not? I can take advantage of the warm weather to get them sprouted and hopefully have blooms in the fall. Marigolds are another flower that are easy to start from seeds. I tried to grow another variety of marigolds but they never sprouted. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with these.


There’s something about blue colored flowers that attracts me especially with flowers like the Bachelor’s Button. These are also easy to grow from seeds and do not require much maintenance. I can’t wait to grow my own blue flowers with these seeds. The instructions says to sow these ………. I’ve already got blue tomatoes ripening on the vine. Naturally, the next challenge is to grow blue flowers.

And finally, the Calendula flower. I don’t have a compelling reason for having acquired these seeds other than curiosity. I have read about its benefits as an edible flower and thought I’d give it a try.


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