tomatoes identified

I think I may have identified all the tomatoes we’re growing. Most importantly, I know which plant is producing Blue Beauty tomatoes.

The German Red Tomatoes were the first ones I was able to identify due to its strawberry like shape. Unlike the strawberry, it’s huge! And it’s only going to get bigger. They can get as big as a pound or more. And I learned that these tomatoes fall under Oxheart type tomatoes.

German red strawberry tomatoes

I am almost certain these pale green tomatoes are the Spear’s Tennessee green tomatoes.

Spear's Tennessee green tomatoes

And based on a few descriptions I have read, I think these are the Pork Chop yellow tomatoes. The stripes helped me to identify them. I have read accounts of other people growing Pork Chops that there are some green stripes and that they eventually turn yellow, making this particular tomatoes a two toned yellow tomato. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a two toned yellow tomato.

Pork chop tomatoes

more Pork Chop tomatoes

Finally, these must be the Blue Beauty tomatoes. The coloring on the shoulders look blue. And I’m pleased that I have a good first bunch growing. I am really excited about these blue tomatoes. I can’t wait for them to get big and ripe so I can slice into them and taste it.

Blue beauty tomato

Blue beauty tomato


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