What does your garden say about you?

Recently discovered Grow Write Guild on Your Grow Girl website. This post is in response to Grow Write Guild Prompt #30 Our Garden, Ourselves.

This is the third year we’ve been gardening out on the balcony, and it’s going well. In fact, the garden might say we’ve learned a great deal from the previous two years.

The first year, the garden clearly acknowledged we were newbies who grew too much in an already limited space. The garden started off modestly with a container of Spring bulbs from the Farmers’ Market. We then started some seeds – tomatoes and herbs. Soon, I was buying plants from the Farmers’ Market almost every weekend, and we were making trips to the local mega hardware store every other weekend carting home a bag or two of potting mix in our grocery cart. We had trying moments with aphids attacking some of our plants. The balcony quickly became a jungle with the amount we were growing. At the end of the growing season, we had acquired a total of three trees and two bushes as well as various containers growing flowers and edibles. TH and I were looking forward to next spring.

garden 2012

garden 2012

Year two started off with great anticipation. We set a limit on how much we were going to grow. We acquired starter heirloom plants like tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. I also added some Spring bulbs for summer blooms with our veggies. I had already planted some autumn bulbs in the previous year so I was looking forward to a colorful spring. Some of the bulbs flowered while many did not. Some were attacked by aphids, spider mites and/or suffered from powdery mildew. We also had a few losses, which did not make TH happy although it wasn’t all a complete loss. We were able to give away a couple of plants to his sister who has a yard where the plants can thrive. At the end of the growing season, our enthusiasm faded to exhaustion as did the garden.

garden 2013

garden 2013

Despite last year’s disappointments, we decided to start seeds for this year’s garden. Clearly, we were not going to let some of the failures of last year deter us from having a successful garden and our determination shines through in our garden because it looks great! All the plants are green and lush and busy producing blossoms and fruit. We’ve got some good crops growing on the balcony. We’re really pleased and I’m very proud.

garden 2014

garden 2014

What does your garden day about you?

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