a friendly visitor

While I was out on the balcony tending to the tomato plants, I notice from the corner of my eye a big black dot fly behind me. I was startled at first. I thought it was a giant fly (gross!) because what else could be big, black, and flying? When went to investigate, I found it flying around the Dragon’s egg cucumber plant. And to my relief and surprise, it was a fuzzy bumblebee!

Eureka! I’ve got a pollinator buzzing around the balcony! The bee flew from one cucumber blossom to the next. I tried to take a photo of it but it didn’t linger too long. I hope he was able to acquire what he was looking for. And then I watched him fly away in the direction of where there is a small park. I was sad to see it go but really happy to see this lone bee come up to the 8th floor and pay our humble balcony garden a visit.


photo by Krappweiss


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