grow write guild

As you know, I’m a fan and follower of You Grow Girl. On a recent visit to see what Ms. Trail is gardening, I noticed a new looking blog, podcast, and a badge, Grow Write Guild. It looked like a way to encourage more writing about gardening. I was thinking that I needed to write a bit more than what I was growing on the balcony and GWG was a timely find.

Grow Write GuildBasically, GWG is similar to other blogging/writing topics generator. Subscribers are sent an email with a topic or theme. You’re not obligated to do anything but should the topic inspire you to transcribe your thoughts through pen to paper or tapping away on a keyboard, then you’ve at least accomplished one writing exercise.

Yes, GWG is a subscription however if you prefer not to receive prompts via email, you can easily check in at YGG to find out about the latest topic. For more information, I encourage you to check it out for yourself – Grow Write Guild.

The current topic is #30: Our gardens, ourselves. What does your garden say about you? A great topic that I will be addressing in my next post. Stay tuned.

Happy gardening and writing.


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