where I find my inspiration to garden: blogs

Finding inspiration is easy now more than ever especially with the accessibility of the internet. There are countless blogs about gardening. I’ve come upon many of them through online searches about something I wanted to know more about. Of the vast numbers of gardening blogs that are out there in the World Wide Web, there are only two that I find myself returning to often because they are a great go-to source for information and inspiration.

I love visiting Garden Betty. The author of the blog is Linda Ly, an Asian American. She has, in my opinion, an amazing garden growing all sorts of things. Her garden is in California and so has the advantages of warm weather almost all year round. She also keeps chickens, and they are gorgeous! I love the fact that Ms. Ly named them after super models. Reading her posts about her chickens has inspired me to also want to have chickens. Unfortunately, we don’t have the space on the balcony for a couple of beautiful chickens. One day.

You Grow Girl is another favorite garden blog. I love the the title – it comes across with lots of confidence, encouragement, and spunk. The author of the blog is Gayla Trail, and she has written several books on gardening. I own most of these books, which I found useful especially when space is limited and we are gardening with containers. I recently discovered that she has a podcast. Her garden is in Toronto, Canada, on “the hot roof of my apartment building and a scrap of City-owned land”.

Both women live a self-sustaining lifestyle, growing their own food, and loving the fact that they garden. Their enthusiasm for their garden and what they grow is infectious. I get a charge after reading their blog. Their personal gardening experiences are relatable even though my gardening conditions differs from theirs. The recipes that they share are based on their bounty and not complicated. For instance, I was inspired to pickle green tomatoes after reading a post about pickling green tomatoes on Garden Betty. And both blogs have gorgeous photos of their gardens, fruits, plants, and veggies. Move over food porn, there’s garden porn!

my personal collection of photo that inspire me to garden.

my personal collection of photo that inspire me to garden.

This is the first in a series of posts about “where I find my inspiration to garden”. I hope you enjoyed this and find a bit of inspiration, too.




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