a lush balcony

The balcony is quickly turning into a jungle especially with the warm weather we’ve been having. I still have plants in starter pots that need to get transplanted. They’re sitting on top of the mahogany desk enjoying the sunny exposure.

The tomato plants are growing like crazy. I have to trim them back so they don’t develop that white powdery mildew due to poor air circulation between leaves and over crowding. And I’m also trying to be diligent in cutting off the suckers so the plants put their energy into making tomatoes and not leaves.



The cucumber plants are growing taller and taller. I had to put in the 6′ feet bamboo sticks because the vines were dangling off the peak of the trellis I’ve built, and I did not want them to latch onto the neighboring tomato plants.

Staying on the subject of the cucumber plants, I have not had success in pollinating the Dragon’s egg cucumber blossoms. We don’t get much if at all any natural pollinators on the 8th floor. We’ve had a few in the past but none this year that I have seen. Then again, I’ve also noticed less bugs in general. I’m worried that the Sour Mexican gherkins may also end up fruitless too. I’ve already spotted a few females. These things are so tiny. I wasn’t able to get a decent photo with the iPhone. I’ll try next time with the DSLR.

The beans have been great. They are constantly putting out beans each time I harvest. Had I known they produced so easily, I would’ve planted more beans. There’s always next year. And I’ll add pole beans to grow with the bush varieties.


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