i spy a tomato

Another wonderful week of warm and sunny weather. The tomato plants have doubled in size. Most have buds and blossoms. Some have stated to produce tomatoes. We’re watering the tomato plants with liquid fertilizer made with a fish and seaweed emulsion. It doesn’t smell great but it does wonders for the plants.

Baby tomato

Blossoms and baby tomatoes

The basil seeds I’ve sprinkler at the base of a couple tomato plants are doing well and have produce two sets of true basil leaves. Knowing that it’s that easy to grow basil, I dont think I will buy anymore herb starter plants next year.

Basil seedlings

I’m going to try cilantro next. The starter cilantro plants are bolting like crazy. Haven’t had a chance to use them.

Here’s to happy gardening.

Tomato blossom


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