the birds and the bees of growing cucumbers

As the weather warms up and the days are filled with bright sunlight, the cucumber plants thrive. This is especially true with the Dragon’s egg cucumber plants I’m growing in a planter. The leaves are big and full. The vines seem to know to latch onto the bamboo sticks. It’s amazing to see how they’ve climbed.

Dragon's egg cucumber plants in containers

There are lots of yellow blossoms, and when I first noticed them, there were only male blossoms. A few days later, the female blossoms appeared though not as many as the male blossoms. Both female and male blossoms look the same. The difference between them is this thing behind the blossom, which is only found on the female blossom. This is the thing that will eventually become the cucumber once the female blossom is pollinated. Pretty neat.

Dragon's egg male blossoms

male cucumber blossom

Dragon's egg cucumber blossom

female cucumber blossom

We don’t get many pollinators up on the eighth floor so I attempted to pollinate the blossom(s) with a q-tip. At the time of writing this, only one female blossom was open for pollination. I noticed two other female blossoms but they were not open yet.

I hope my attempt bares fruit – literally. Here’s to happy gardening.

Dragon's egg cucumber plants in containers


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