the beans and peas


Calima (green) and Rocquencourt (yellow) beans.

This week was a busy week. Lots have blossomed and many have set fruit. In fact, I was pleased to find several Calima and Rocquencourt beans just dangling and ready for the picking. I’ll save them for the weekend*. There are more beans to come. One planter has got lots of blossoms, a mix of lavender and cream colors. I expect that we will be getting a handful of beans when they set fruit. The beans have been great producers thus far. I’m really pleased with how productive these plants are.

Bean blossoms

Blossoms from the Rocquencourt bean plant.

Bean blossoms

Cream colored blossoms from the Calima bean plant.

The peas continue to climb. They’re still thin vines but they continue to flourish. However, I would like to note that they are yellowing at the bottom and seem to be spreading up but it’s not stopping the pea plant from growing. I am concerned but not deeply. It could be a disease or fungus. It could be overwatering though I don’t think so. If it’s a fungus, I don’t think there is much I can do seeing as it’s in the soil.

Sugar snap peas

Sugar snap pea pod.

Sugar snap peas

sugar snap pea pod

Despite whatever is ailing the pea plants, I’ve spotted a few snap pea pods developing. Maybe they will be big enough to harvest by the end of the weekend**? That way, I can make a bean and pea salad.

Here’s to happy gardening.


Calima (green) and Rocquencourt (yellow) beans.

*The beans did not last to the weekend in the fridge. They became rubbery. We were not able to eat them. Luckily, I was able to harvest more beans and enjoyed them in a salad niçiose.

**Two sugar snap peas were picked and added to the salad niçiose. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo before they were tossed into the salad and enjoyed.


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