tomato blossom buds

Tomato seedling
Remember when I transplanted one of my blue beauty tomato plant to a 1 gallon Root Pouch? It has grown considerably bigger since then. In fact, it has started to produce blossom buds, and suckers. I’ve already removed the tiny suckers. I want to make certain that energy is not being wasted in producing unnecessary leaves. It should grow tall, full with plenty of blossoms that will turn into the juicy fruit called tomato.

I spy blossoms developingI am extremely pleased with how well this plant is doing. It’s got a healthy looking thick stem. The leaves are branching out at good intervals. The blossoms are actually at the top of the plant. It’s a wonderful sight. I love that I can hold this plant in my hands at the moment. Eventually, it will get potted up into a 7 gallon planter. This is one of my pride and joys in the garden.

Me and a tomato plant


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