potting up

Tomato plants

It was another busy weekend out on the balcony garden. We potted up all the tomato plants. They were definitely outgrowing the 4″ pots. It was great to see how well their roots had developed. Now they’re in Root Pouches and their roots are only going to flourish.

I bought a pack of marigolds at the farmers’ market and planted them with the tomato plants. Marigolds are supposed to make great companion plants with tomatoes. They protect the tomato plants from parasites that are susceptible to tomatoes. I don’t know how likely my our tomatoes on the balcony are going to be attacked by these parasitic microbes but the marigolds do add some much needed color to the current green scheme.

Tomato plants

I tried to grow marigolds from seeds but had no luck with the germination. I’ll try again.

The seedlings in the incubator were also potted up. I have a bunch more blue beauty tomatoes and lots of peppers. I know I have long purple cayenne peppers and a bunch of other ones that I think are the Hungarian types but I’m not sure. They could include jalapeños? I have found the peppers especially the spicy kinds are not as easy to start and can not be subjected to any kind of cool temperatures when started.


I also transplanted a bunch of ground cherries to a 7″ Root Pouch. I’m looking forward to these guys getting big and producing these cute little gems wrapped in a papery husk.


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