beans Rocquencourt blossoms

Memorial Day weekend was yesterday and as far as most Americans are concerned, it is summer. Many of the seedlings have grown over 6″ tall. TH and I started to transplant many of them to larger planters or Root Pouches. I will give an update on how they adapted to the move.

Blossoms: bean Calima

I did want to share some wonderful news from the balcony. One of our bean plants has produced several flowers! In fact, it is the Calima Rocquencourt bean seedling that was transplanted to a Root Pouch earlier this season. It hasn’t grown very tall so I was surprised to discover flowers hidden below its leaves. I guess it’s no longer considered a seedling anymore now that it is producing flowers.

Blossoms: bean Calima

I’m very pleased to see flowers as it is a level of success. The next level would be to produce the beans, harvest them, and then consume them. This is the first time we are growing beans. So far, I am pleased with the initial success of growing beans. I’m hoping it will grow taller even though the Calima Rocquencourt is a bush bean plant.

Here’s to happy gardening.


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