ohhh…! Snap!

Many of our green darlings enjoyed this weekend’s weather but the one that showed the most gratitude is the sugar snap peas. They showed tremendous growth in terms of length. I’m not sure what to do to get it to grow fuller.

Sugar snap peas

Sugar snap peas

This is the first time I’m growing sugar snap peas so there is a bit of a learning curve for me. I transplanted one last weekend but it didn’t survive. I thought maybe these were one of the more sensitive plants that should be sowed directly. With a simple online search, I found my answer and some tips for growing sugar snap peas from Renee’s Garden Seeds.

Renee recommends pinching off the top but maintain 2 to 3 pairs of leaves to promote lateral growth. I will try this next time. They do seem to want to grow outwards based on my observation.

Compared with other sites that offer advice on growing sugar snap peas, Renee does not discourage starting seeds indoors and then transplanting the seedlings. They do advise gardeners to avoid disturbing the roots when transplanting them to larger pots.

From my research, I learned that the pea plant releases nitrogen into the soil. This is one of the reasons that make pea plants a complimentary companion with tomatoes. Plus, the pea vines can support themselves with the tomato plants. Looking forward to next weekend.

Happy gardening!!


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