root pouches have arrived

The Root Pouches I ordered finally arrived. I’ve had good experiences with Root Pouches and ordered more for this year’s gardening. Depending on where you buy them from, they can be purchased in a bundle or pack of 10 or more, or singles.

My order included a bundle of 25 one gallon “pots”. Most of the seedlings will be transplanted into these so their roots can get some air circulation to promote healthy root development and growth. The next sizes up that I received is a 10 pack of five gallon, and seven gallon Root Pouches with handles. Most of the plants will be transplanted to the five gallon pots. These are perfect for single plants like tomatoes, beans, and peppers. Companion planting is possible with the five gallon “pot” but it’s not as roomy as the seven gallon.

The seven gallon Root Pouches are big enough to grow tomato and pepper plants together as well as herbs and companion flowers. I love the seven gallon “pots” for this reason. That’s what I did during first year gardening on the balcony as well as last year.

I can’t wait to transplant the seedlings. Here’s to happy gardening! 😉

Tomato seedling


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