balcony garden spring 2014 update

Comfrey plant
The last post sounded bleak but the balcony garden wasn’t all bad news. The comfrey returned and looks like it is springing forth a head of flowers. I really like my comfrey plant. It comes back every year, rewards you with pretty flowers, the leaves are not only great as fertilizer and mulch, but it has medicinal benefits as well. I personally haven’t used it for medicinal purposes but that is what I have read.

Rocquencourt bean seedling

I have a few bean plants from the first batch of seeds I started that are doing well. The Rocquencourt bean seedling is doing quite well. It has two big leaves and a start of a tendril? I have a pair of Calima beans; one potted up permanently with a tee-pee structure for support of its future vine growth; and another in a temporary pot.

Calima seedlings

A few of the irises that were divided are doing well and showing signs of new green leaves. I don’t know if they will produce a flower but it’s nice to know I can divide them and have them replanted somewhat successfully.


And lastly, the Drumstick Alliums that I planted late in the season have sprouted chive like leaves. They should have been planted late autumn. Instead, I finally got around to planting them late winter/early spring. I’m pleased that some have responded. Now it’s a matter if they will flower.

Allium drumstick

Looking forward to sharing more new developments from the balcony.


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