a great find

On the way to the local grocer, TH and I came upon an abandoned wooden desk with open storage below, and two drawers. I have been wanting a work table and storage for the balcony garden. We have contemplated purchasing something inexpensive but had not found that ideal piece of furniture. And so when we came upon this desk, I wanted to take this for the balcony. Typically, I am not the kind of person that takes abandoned furniture home but this table was perfect. TH examined the table and recognized it was made with mahogany – a very good wood for furniture, and agreed to take it home. We lugged the table back to the apartment. It was not an easy task but we eventually got it to the balcony.

The table sits on one end of the balcony. It fits perfectly as if it belongs on the balcony surrounded by our potted plants.

Modest balcony garden


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