starting more seeds

Got another incubator. Planted the remainder of seeds this weekend.

First incubator germinated with sprouts popping up from the soilless media! So excited and happy that they sprouted so quickly. In less than a week! That’s miraculous in my book.


seedlings have sprouted!

seedlings have sprouted!

I am very pleased with the seed starting kit. 36 cell propagation tray with insert tray to collect excess water. The growing media starts out in pellet form but when water is added, it triples in volume. It’s formulated to provide optimal germination. And so far, it’s been great! I mentioned that I like the tall dome compared with kits that include low domes. This dome is designed to allow for air to circulate and control humidity with closable vents on the two ends and a big one at the top.

I highly recommend this kit with 36 cell propagation tray, tray insert, tall dome with vents, and the heating mat (optional).



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