balcony garden spring 2014

Towards the end of autumn I planted some tulip bulbs. Yes, I’m attempting to grow tulips in containers again despite the mixed success of 2013. The white tulips bloomed until we had that freak storm that blew them all away plus the incessant aphid attacks. I bought a couple of tulips in boxes from Whole Foods that were on sale. And I was able to get replacements for the tulips that never blossomed from the original vendor. Hopefully something will sprout from one of these. I also planted some hyacinths too.

The irises from last year are still around and continue to sprout/maintain green leaves. Some were cut back and pruned to remove yellow leaves but they seem to be doing fine despite the cold winter we’re having.

20140303-021919.jpgI recently pruned the mini roses plants. They don’t seem to look great but they don’t look terrible. Hopefully when the weather warms up, they’ll show signs of green and growth.

The peach tree is studded with what I assume are potential blossoms. That’s a good sign. Let’s hope they will open. We’ll hold off from fertilizing the peach tree until after the buds blossom.


The one remaining Japanese maple tree looks okay though I can’t tell. I suspect the roots will require cutting back when the weather warms up and before the leaves begin to show. I see some new buds but am unsure. The succulents I planted at the base are doing quite well. They’re reproducing like crazy. I’ve moved some of the baby succulents to empty pockets of the strawberry planter.

Our plan this year is to grow veggies like tomatoes, beans, peas, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers, and salad greens. I’ve already placed an order for heirloom seeds from Baker Creek. I also ordered a seed starting kit with heating pad so we can start the process indoors. I can’t wait to get all these garden goodies and start.

And of course, I will most likely add starter plants for herbs and flowers when I come across them at the farmers’ market once our seedlings are established outdoors. I don’t have a lot of space to start seeds indoors so I’ll let someone else take care of that.


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