micro greens

Ever since we lost our two Japanese maple trees, we have two pots half filled with soil taking up space on the balcony. I’ve been reading suggestions of things to grow in late and early autumn like salad greens. I still had a packet of mix mesclun seeds from last year as well as carrots and beets. These pots were perfect for growing cool weather veg.

Week 1: sprouts
The last weekend in August, we amended the soil and planted a container of mix mesclun greens, another container of greens at the edge, beets, and carrots towards the center. Gave them a generous soak of water mixed with liquid fertilizer to get them going. A week later, little green sprouts appeared! They’re continuing to grow and become more defined.

At week two, the carrot leaves are apparent as are the beets.
Week 2: sprouts

Week three showed more definition of the mixed greens. In fact, they looked ready to eat but TH wanted to let it grow some more. I’ve also sowed more seeds in the same container so we may have continuous harvest of mixed greens. I’m also unsure what to expect from the seeds and when is a good time to harvest.

Seeing these adorable greens makes me happy and feel like I’ve accomplished something. My thumb is getting greener!

Week 3: autumn veg

Week 3: autumn veg

Week 3


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