heirloom irises and daylilies

I planted the heirloom irises and daylilies I received from one of my favorite places to obtain flower bulbs. They do a great job carefully packaging the various rhizomes. The irises and daylilies were shipped with their roots intact and clean. The irises were very different looking from the irises I bought and planted last autumn. The ones I got last year will most likely shoot one flower stalk whereas these look like they may shoot multiple flower stalks.

Iris rhizome

Iris rhizome

Iris rhizome

Iris rhizome

Planting the bare roots of the irises and daylilies helped me to understand what is required for these plants to grow. They seem to require a lot of space at the roots. I’m also weary about exposing the iris rhizomes though that is what was instructed when planting.

Daylily rhizome

Daylily rhizome

I’m looking forward to them growing tall and flowering. I got some pretty colors. These include


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