I’m not sure what to make of the container I’m growing salad greens and carrots in. The sprouts for the radishes were not successful except for one sprout that remains. The salad greens don’t seem to be getting bigger. In fact, I think some kind of pest has eaten some of the lettuces.

Mixed salad greens

I naively thought that growing your own salad greens, carrots, and other under earth vegetables would be rewarding but I am finding it to be contrary. Perhaps I lack patience. In any case, I am growing tired of watching “nothing” happening further in the development of the lettuces and carrots. When I pulled up the radish sprouts, there was no sign that it had developed into radishes.

Carrot top


If I don’t see signs of maturing in that next two weeks, I may pull out whatever is there and put to soil to better use like potting up the other tomato plants. I may make a second attempt to grow lettuces using a seed starting tray instead of sowing directly, which is what I did. It seems like plants that I’ve started in seed starters worked out with greater percentage of success.

I may try to directly sow carrots and radishes again but ‘ll use empty juice bottles. It may limit the quantity but I think at this time, I want to see if I can be successful.

Mixed salad greens


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