strawberry plants

strawberry flower

The strawberry plants I ordered from The Strawberry Store are doing well repotted in the strawberry jar planter. In fact, they are spouting new shoots (I don’t know what is the correct terminology). And some of the strawberry plants have bloomed adorable white flowers. I think that is a good sign the plants are happy.

new shoots
strawberry flower

I’ve ordered some seeds to grow borage, which are supposedly good companion flowering plants. I had started growing thyme from seeds but am unsure if they are some of the successful sprouts. Worse case, I may just buy a thyme plant from the green market in Union Square. I also bought more thyme seeds so may attempt growing them from seeds.

strawberry plant
strawberry plant

I have reserved space at the top of the planter for the borage and/or thyme. I’m hoping to plant borage because I’ve read that they have pretty blue star-shaped flowers. It seems to be the main attraction of the borage. The flowers also attract bees but I doubt they will find our balcony.


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