mystery sprouts

When I planted the seeds, I didn’t label what each section held. I wasn’t too worried about it because the seed types were limited to tomatoes and herbs. Most of the bays have sprouted something green. The tomato seeds were the first on the scene, and they continued to grow, and grew fast! I was able to recognize the tomato sprouts because some plants still had the husks of the tomato seed stuck to it.

mystery sprouts

As for the herbs, I can’t tell from looking at it although when I rub their tiny leaves, I smell a pleasant but familiar fragrance. Despite this aromatic indicator, I can’t tell if it is rosemary or lavender. I planted both types plus basil, cilantro, and thyme. The herbs seem to be doing quite well and taking their time to grow and develop in the incubator.

mystery sprouts
I’m worried about the tomato sprouts. TH’s sister advised us that it’s difficult to grow tomatoes from seeds. She added that people usually buy the plants instead. In addition to this, I had transplanted the sprouts to larger pots and they don’t seem to be doing well. As a result, I searched online for advice about growing tomatoes from seeds and found these great instructions and tips from Renee’s Garden and A way to garden.

mystery sprouts

I was surprised to learn that the tomato sprouts needed to be kept warm until they are further along in their growth and development. I also didn’t realize each sprouted cell should be planted in a single pot. I planted each bay in a 6″ planter with the thinking that I’ll eventually plant each individual plant in larger containers when they look hardy enough to grow on their own. I may have to divide them up sooner than expected. Despite learning about proper tomato gardening after the fact, I’m hopeful that at least one tomato sprout will survive from each planter.

mystery sprouts

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