Now that I will be growing strawberries, I need a vessel to grow them in. Although you can plant strawberries in almost any kind of container, ordinary planters will not do for me. Instead, the strawberry plants will be planted in strawberry jar planters. These vessels look like giants, fat vases with pockets dotted around. I love that these planters have pockets. You can “terrace” your plants to make an interesting feature in the garden. The pockets also enable use of the soil at different points of the planter.

strawberry jar & strawberries from White Flower Farm

I’m excited about planting the strawberry plants in these guys and letting its growth take its course. The foliage will sprout like crazy while the fruit will hang or dangle at different heights.

Other types of plants can also be planted in the strawberry jar planter, not just strawberries. Herbs, succulents, ferns, and other types of plants can be set into these planters. Plants look amazing staggered around a vase-like vessel.

Filoli Gardens - Stawberry Pot
photo by Jill Clardy
nature planter by Design Night
The strawberry planters come in different sizes and numbers of pockets. They are available with at least 3 pockets to as many as 12+ pockets.

Oddly, these planters are not easy to come by in gardening stores. Instead, you can find them online and even then, variety and colors are limited. And then there are those that are not strawberry jar planters but do a similar job of terracing planters with a kit-of-parts, and quite honestly they just don’t look as nice.

The ones I found and like seem to be the only ones available online and through major online retailers like the strawberry jars from Craftware Pottery & Baskets. I did manage to find other sources for strawberry planters via Etsy and Design Night (see photo above). I would love to have the beautifully designed “nature planter” but I can’t justify paying the asking price. The pot from Etsy is smaller and better suited for herbs, ferns, and succulents.

strawberry pot herb succulent planter by InspiredGardens
round ceramic coralbell strawberry jar by Craftware Pottery & Baskets
round ceramic strawberry jar by Craftware Pottery & Baskets

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